Customer Stories


Location: Toms River, NJ

Thank you for your leadership, your guidance, your support and your attention to detail, all of which were necessary to get us through the process of making our home a solar home…

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Hansen Home


Location: Somerset, NJ

I’m proud that our home represents one little contribution to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and to improving our environment, not to mention the fact that it demonstrates the economics of alternative energy…

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Twin Oaks Community Services


Location: Mount Holly, NJ

Their performance to date continues to live up to the high standards we set for our contractors. Most impressive is the continued support we receive from Advanced Performance Solar, even a year after the installation. The cooperation and collaboration that Advanced Performance Solar brought to the table was greatly appreciated, as this potentially difficult project was completed with relative ease…

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Colella Home


Location: Parlin, NJ

I’m so sold on solar, I did it myself! I joined the Advanced Performance Solar team in 2010, and since then, have learned all of the ins and outs of the solar industry. As an AP Solar Project Manager, I’m proud to be a part of an organization offering the best solar funding program out there, for a product and service that only benefits the environment, the homeowner, and our country!…

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Devoy Home


Location: Washington, NJ

I just can’t stop telling everyone how thrilled we are that our solar system in now installed and working. The monitoring tools are addictive, and so far the system is producing even more electricity than I hoped and expected. I was hopeful we could come close to meeting our demand but now that it’s been running for a few weeks, I am 100% certain it will produce even more than our yearly demand!…

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Patrone Home


Location: Millburn, NJ

It was my lucky day being in Home Depot when an announcement was made over the intercom that free solar systems were being offered and to see the man at the front of the store. So, expecting a line, I finished my shopping and strolled to the front of the store. I was happy to find Ward Malnak standing at a table with his laptop…

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Innamorato Home


Location: Iselin, NJ

I had been thinking about switching to solar for some time and have always told my friends and family about the benefits of solar. When I saw that The Home Depot offered a solar program, I signed up to learn more…

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Anzisi Home


Location: NJ

I work for The Home Depot my husband and I had solar panels put on our home in Dec of 2010. The program that we were able to get was no money due on our part the panels have been up for over a year…

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Ma Home


Location: Summit, NJ

We are quite pleased with how the panels look on our roof. Now it’s up and running, generating electricity. The whole process was so hassle-free, it completely exceeded my expectations! …

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Desmond Home


Location: Avalon, NJ

My son has been talking about solar for the past year and a half now, touting its benefits and how I could take advantage of the savings it would offer with no cost to me. I could not come up with any reason not to go solar, so I signed on with Advanced Performance Solar’s $0 Investment financing program. Jack Desmond and the AP Solar team handled all of my paperwork and scheduled my solar system installation…

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Krincek Home


Location: Chatham, NJ

When the sun comes up, a light comes on and it actually shows the power that I’m generating right on the screen of the inverter. It’s really fun. You look at it and, as the sun comes up, it shows you how many watts of electricity you’re making and the number just keeps climbing…

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Diken Home


Location: Metuchen, NJ

My solar electric system was installed this past month and I’m so glad it is finally up and running. I have been reading about solar energy for decades and am thrilled to now add it to my efforts to support a cleaner environment. I am now greatly reducing the negative effects of fossil fuels with just the flick of a switch- and at ZERO cost to me…

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Location: Avalon, NJ

Being one of the early birds to join the solar energy revolution I thought I’d share with you my experience in the purchase and performance of my solar electric system…

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Maddaloni Home


Location: Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Our salesperson Steve Dubits came over to our home, discussed the process with us, and we signed on. We loved every bit of this. The installation went smoothly, the installers were polite and took care of everything. We had NO problems and would definitely recommend switching to solar to our family and friends…

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Povse Home


Location: Absecon, NJ

I have yet to have to pay for any power from the electric company. The system is producing enough power during the day to power my house and send the excess back to the power company causing my meter to run backwards. At night the meter runs forward again. However, the meter is still in the negative numbers right now. What surprised me was even on the day it rained the panels produced enough energy to power my house during the day.

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Bud Finnocchiaro


Location: Sea Isle City, NJ

Getting into something that is so “cutting edge” as alternative energy can be a very intimidating experience.  It is so important to find the right people to help guide you from start to finish from how it works to what to look for in a solar install as well as how it will save your energy costs. The people at AP Solar are the means to that end…

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Speranze Home


Location: Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Throughout this past Spring I worked with Eileen Renders of Advanced Performance Solar to outfit my home with an array of solar panels in order to save money on my monthly utility bills.

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Cresci Home


Location: Marmora, NJ

I love being independent of the utility company and realize I no longer will have to face their never-ending rate increases.

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The Bright Side Home


Location: Cape May Court House, NJ

It was a pleasure working with Augie Conte, who guided us through the entire process of installing solar panels on our home in the summer on 2009. It is one of the best investments we have ever made…

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The Heller Home


Location: Shamong, NJ

I worked with Advanced Performance Solar over the past few months to determine the best solar option to fit the needs of my home. After a few discussions with Augie Conte, I decided on the $0 Down financing option…

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Martyn home


Location: Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Our 24-panel solar system was installed on our roof in February 2011. Our solar representative Eileen Renders walked us through the entire process, answering our questions along the way and advising us on necessary changes to our property in order to optimize the effectiveness of our system…

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Location: Cologne, NJ

I worked with Advanced Performance Solar this past Fall to lease and install a solar energy system for my home for $0 Down…

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