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News and commentary by Home Depot's #1 Solar Salesperson, Augie Conte

Funding Programs put Solar at the Forefront

Solar is now becoming vogue! (Finally!) The 2010 Solar Installations by each state have recently been released and I am thrilled to report the number of installations have grown exponentially from 2009. The reason for this is exciting to you as a consumer.

There are many diverse programs available to the homeowner and business owner to have solar installed with no financial investment….meaning a risk-free venture to the consumer.

In my very expert opinion, there is no better way to enter into the world of Solar: Capture panels to your roof with no investment. This means IMMEDIATE financial return, with no risk…allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of solar while avoiding the risk of a high investment.

Advanced Performance Solar has a funding program ready to go: No Risk… No Investment… No Kidding! Now is the time. Control your energy cost, and help the world with clean energy.

Take a look at the state leaders in solar installations:

  • California: 259.9 mw
  • New Jersey: 137.1 mw
  • Nevada: 61.4 mw
  • Arizona: 54.0 mw
  • Colorado: 53.6 mw
  • Pennsylvania: 46.8 mw
  • New Mexico: 42.8 mw
  • Florida: 35.2 mw
  • North Carolina: 30.7 mw
  • Texas: 22.6 mw
  • The remaining 40 states and Washington DC: 135.2 mw

(Source: Solar Energy Industry Association)

Look for the advent of solar in many states soon! Programs as I explained are becoming available. Look for them, but remember…Solar is a moving target…Funding is finite. It’s important to capture the programs while they are offered. The best way to do this is to find a reputable Solar Provider like Advanced Performance Solar, who has the expertise in not only solar, but how to fund your system.

NOW is the time.

Until next blog… Mr. Sun… Shining Through.

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