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News and commentary by Home Depot's #1 Solar Salesperson, Augie Conte

Solar Power’s Moment in the Sun

Those of us in the solar and photovoltaics industry have known for quite some time that Solar Power has been poised for take-off at any moment; but, in the past few months, the buzz around renewable energy has been palpable. Just this week, the potential of clean energy was one of the major subjects of President Obama’s State of the Union address.

In his address, the President announced his budget plan to help the United States return to a higher echelon of research and development: “We’ll invest in biomedical research, information technology, and especially clean energy technology — an investment that will strengthen our security, protect our planet, and create countless new jobs for our people.” As I mentioned in my last post, solar companies and the green energy industry in general, have been leaders in job growth throughout this recession, and with continued support will prove to be a major factor in our economic turn-around.

In addition to helping put people back to work, renewable energy technologies will release us from our dependence on oil. In the President’s words, “instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.” This just makes sense!

The President pledged to “reinvent our energy policy” and “fund the Apollo projects of our time.” Well, instead of heading to the moon, we’re looking toward the sun! Advanced Performance Solar is proud to be a part of this major turning point in our country’s history and excited for you join us!

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