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Solar Story Spotlight

Ron Krincek in front of his NJ Home

Ron Krincek in front of his NJ Home

Each week we share with you the recent experiences of our clients who have made the decision to switch to solar, in our Customer Stories section. This week, we highlight one client in particular, whose solar installation caught the attention of a local reporter in Chatham, NJ.

Patch’s Liz Alterman, a former Bloomberg Energy Reporter, tells Ron Krincek’s Solar Story:

Local Family Goes Green With Solar Energy

Since installing solar panels on their roof, the Krinceks of Weston Avenue have seen their electric bills drastically reduced.

By Liz Alterman
Source: ChathamPatch

When Ron Krincek made a routine trip to the Home Depot, he came away with a lot more than just the items he’d set out to buy. Always curious about how solar energy worked, it wasn’t until Krincek heard an announcement at the Vauxhall store, which is the largest Home Depot in the U.S., that he decided it was time to learn more.

“I was doing some research at home, reading articles and just trying to understand how it worked and how you can get the return on your investment really quick,” he said. “It was interesting and I thought I really need to reach out to somebody.

“I was in Home Depot and I heard an announcement that said Home Depot is proud to partner with PSE&G in a solar program and come talk to us to see if you’re a candidate for solar and I thought ‘That was it. They’re dropping the bomb on me right here. I got to go listen because if I have any interest, I have to go find out.’”

From there, Krincek met the two men who would be instrumental in helping him achieve his goal of becoming more energy efficient through the use of solar power.


Matthew Morra, of Advanced Performance Solar, who is also the director of operations at 20 Home Depot stores in New Jersey, and Kevin Kraft, solar project manager at the Home Depot, helped determine if Krincek’s Weston Avenue residence qualified.

Morra said with the use of a satellite, he is able to tell within 10 to 15 minutes whether or not a residence or even a commercial building is potentially suitable for solar panels.

“These guys were great,” Krincek explained. “They said ‘Let’s look at your address.’ He looked at where my house was and so he saw it and they put in some numbers to figure out which way it’s facing to see if they should go out and do a site survey. When they look at it on the computer, they can either rule it out almost immediately or say, well there’s a chance here.”

From what was visible from the satellite, Krincek’s home appeared to be a good candidate so a site survey was the next step in the process.

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