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Mr. Sun's Blog

News and commentary by Home Depot's #1 Solar Salesperson, Augie Conte

SUN on the Horizon

There is SUN on the horizon!

Hi…this is Mr. Sun, Augie Conte, in conjunction with AP Solar. With the renaissance of the Solar Industry upon us, we here at AP Solar feel that education of this great field will benefit our readers.

Did you know that one day’s worth of sunshine could power the needs of our country for a whole month? We as a nation are just now beginning to understand how renewable energy can help us through our extreme demand for fuel.

What do we mean by “renewable” energy? It is energy that comes from natural sources and is naturally replenished. Thus… renewable.

What is Solar Energy?

Photovoltaic or solar cells convert the sun’s rays to clean electricity. This conversion is direct, so no bulky mechanical turbines are needed. And the environmental impact is pure, requiring no system generating by-products such as carbon!

Solar energy has soared in popularity in the last 15 years…it will continue to be an asset to our environment and economy.

Next Blog: How can we harness this power and make it work for us and the environment.

One Response to “SUN on the Horizon”

  1. Ted Seemuller says:

    Hey Augie! Great to see you in the renewable energy business. “Mr. Sun” – that’s cool.

    As you can see by my web site. I’m involved with the renewable sustainable energy business, too. You probally know about Viridian. We have a growth rate that i think is topping everybody. Around 800%.

    Anywho, it’s great to have found a way of contacting you old buddy. Missed you during your transition from the auto business. And missed you at the reunion! What’s up with you not being there?

    Sorry I haven’t the ways and means to hook up the solar thing but I will work contacts for you.

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